Web Design

Web design is the process of planning and creating a web site. Web developers use text, images, digital media and interactive elements to produce the page seen on the web browser.

As web designers we utilize markup language, most notably HTML for structure and CSS for presentation, as well as, Java-script to add interactivity to develop pages that can be read by web browsers.

One Source Design takes the development process and blends it with the necessity of being seen by a target audience "your customers". This blend is the essence of a proficient web site for any business. We integrate all our web sites with Google Analytics so you will be able to track your web sites progress on the world wide web. In addition we can design your pages with Google Ad Sense so you can potentially make a profit through traffic on your site. 

Web Design for the future of your business.

Our web design team has one goal in mind, to provide anyone with the need for a web site an avenue to create one. We design simple and direct layouts in order to allow the information to be presented clearly. Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to have a web site no matter how large or small their need is.

We focus on building business web sites for small to medium size companies and create effective use of the internet to inform potential customers of their products and services.

One Source Design uses the latest versions of Adobe design products such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator to provide seamless designs and present information creatively. We are also versed in CMS solutions like joomla, mambo and word press.

Responsive Web Design

With the advent of the smart phone your web site must be "cross browser friendly" meaning that we build web sites that work on computers as well as smart phones and tablets. With over a billion mobile users cross browser compatibility is important.

The One Source Design Team

One Source Design was started to provide an artistic outlet for a creative design team - a think tank for design. As artists we strive to create projects that are both aesthetically pleasing and edgy. We work hard to stay immersed in the culture of our ever changing times while considering trends of the past. Our design team has studied art, photography, advertising, web design and web architecture. One Source Design was incorporated in 2007 and is currently involved in many developmental projects from sculpture to the development of extensive photo galleries, as well as, developing grants to help our environment. We are in the process of launching new sites by 2014.

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